Wifi i Holstebro Kommune

Free WiFi for Tourists in Holstebro Municipality

Photo: VisitHolstebro

Tourists can be online while on holiday in the Holstebro area. Free wifi has been established at three tourist magnets in the municipality

Holstebro Municipality creates an optimal digital framework for tourists. As one of the first municipal tourism organizations in Denmark, the Business and Tourism Unit invested in 2015 in free wifi at three key tourist attractions.

This allows tourists to go online at "Woman on Cart" in fron of the Old Town Hall in Holstebro, at the Handbjerg Marina and at Strandingsmuseum St. George in Thorsminde.

The digital media is the future of tourism when it comes to disseminating information about experiences. Through VisitHolstebro, tourists have the opportunity to find inspiration for their holiday in the Holstebro area, and with the free wifi they can share the holiday experiences with friends.

"We have made a determined effort to ensure a good digital tourism service on our website, Facebook and with our app. And with the free wifi, we allow tourists to stay online while they are here. Internet access today has become a a natural and indispensable part of the travel experience, "says Susanne Toftegaard Hansen, Business and Tourism Manager in Holstebro Municipality.

"The goal is to get the tourist to visit more of our attractions and use more of our eateries, because in this way they will stay longer in the area, and this will create a higher tourism turnover," says Susanne Toftegaard Hansen.