Crabs and Edible Crabs

Photo: Henrik Vinther Krogh for Fish and Moore

Catch your own crab in the North Sea or Nissum Fjord

The little creeping creatures on the fjord bed are fun to play with for the little ones. Catch crabs at Handbjerg Marina - tuck a blue mussel and put some of the meat on a crab stick and put it in the water - then there is packed lunch for the crabs! You can rent crab sticks etc. in the gear bank at Handbjerg Marina. Every year in July, Crab Festival is organized for children and their families at the marina. Watch the Handbjerg Marina website for more information.

Edible crabs
At Thorsminde on the west coast of Jutland you can catch edible crabs that are known on the large orange shells.

The peak season for Danish edible crabs is from July to December, weather permitting. The water temperature determines the quality and quantity of edible crabs.