Thorsminde Fiskeauktion

Fishing Auctions in Thorsminde

Photo: VisitHolstebro

Don't miss a genuine fish auction in Thorsminde

Come by the auction hall in Thorsminde on a Saturday in July and August when a fish auction is held for tourists. Here you can experience the real fishing environment on the North Sea and the auction where the bids for the fish fly through the air.

The auction is going really fast, so you must pay attention if you want to follow the bids! You are welcome to bid on the freshly caught fish and buy some delicious fish home for dinner. A unique experience not to be missed.

No auction is the same and there are different bids, ranging from 7 to 17 different beats. You can buy plaice, carvings, scallops, turbot, cormorant, crab claws, catfish, cod, lobster, long, hake, silver salmon etc.

In the auction hall you can buy a plate of freshly fried fish, beer and water.

The fish auction starts at 10:30 am.