Krabbe fra Limfjorden

Holiday at the Limfjord

Handbjerg Marina

Limfjord - a mecca for life-lovers!

Join oyster safaris or catch crabs on the fjord floor! Holidays at the Limfjord are a sure hit for the family of children. At Handbjerg Marina, the children can have fun for hours before you all sit down to the table for a good meal, or relax in the boat. The open-air museum Hjerl Hede is a must on your holiday at the Limfjord. The museum brings life to Denmark in the good old days.

Handbjerg Marina

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Oysters and Seafood

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Open Air Museum Hjerl Hede

The Open Air Museum Hjerl Hede - the living museum on the moor. Travel back in time and experience the daily life in the country side 150 years ago. ...

Borbjerg Mølle Kro & Hotel

Borbjerg Mølle Kro & Hotel for families with children, companies, excursions, perfect and romantic surroundings. Cultural history with the old wate...

Sevel Kro

Sevel Kro in the nature area at Sevel with lakes, forest and heathland. The inn has been around since the 18th century. The traditional "beer-bone" di...

Hotel Vinderup

Hotel Vinderup is a cozy hotel in the heart of Vinderup, built back in 1904. The hotel has 16 rooms, both single and double rooms and one suite. Ho...

Sevel Camping

Sevel Camping lies on the outskirts of the village of Sevel with the grocery store, inn and church. The active campist can use the side of: Tennis ...

DCU-Ejsing Camping

DCU-Camping Ejsing Strand is a one-minute drive to Vinderup town and the Hjerl Hede open-air museum. The Limfjord offers ample opportunity to try out ...

Stubbergård Lake

Stubbergård Lake is approx. 154 ha, with a length of 4.5 km and a width of up to 500 meters. The lake is one of the municipality's largest freshwater ...


Along the slopes, the river trail turns 3.5 km around Stubber Å. The tour takes you over moss and overgrowth, along the extensive heathlands and throu...


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