Strandingsmuseum St George i Thorsminde

Holiday by the North Sea

Thorsminde Strande ved Vesterhavet

Thorsminde - a lovely village by the West Coast

Rent a holiday house in the sand dunes on the west coast and explore the North Sea, which has an impact on the nature, culture and life of the city. The large waves are a fascinating sight all year round, and in the summer the beaches invite you to play on the water's edge for the whole family.

Thorsminde - a lovely holiday town by the North Sea

On the narrow shore between the North Sea and Nissum Fjord you will find Thorsminde. The old harbor is full of quiet charm and lively activity. The anglers are flowing here to catch, among other things. herring and mackerel. Don't miss the public fish auctions in the summer!

On the trail of the good beach on the West Coast

The seven fantastic beaches on the West Coast lure with endless horizons. Here are the beaches for everyone.

Strandingsmuseum St. George

The St. George Stranding Museum tells the story of the dramatic shipwrecks off the coast of West Jutland and in the North Sea . The Museum has many t...

Ports of Thorsminde

In the authentic fishing village of Thorsminde, on the edge of the North Sea and Nissum Fjord, you can choose to catch your fish yourself, buy them fr...

Fishing Auctions in Thorsminde

Don't miss a genuine fish auction in Thorsminde

Thorsminde Camping - Canoe, Kayak and SUP

Thorsminde Camping is situated on the narrow tongue of land where the North Sea and Nissum Fjord meet. Thorsminde Camping is a nice family place with ...

Thorsminde Camping

Thorsminde Camping is a nice family campsite with lots of outdoor experiences for the whole family. Here is the water park, the playground with bouncy...

Monument over dead sailors

Dødemandsbjergene is a big monument, erected by the Danish reporters in memory of the 1391 English marines, who at Christmas 1811 drowned in the sea b...

Agility Course in Thorsminde

Let the dog romp on the agility course at Thorsminde Camping!

Natursti Øen, Thorsminde

Am Ende von Havnevej in Thorsminde finden Sie einen 3 km langen Wanderweg. Hier ist auch ein Vogelturm, von dem aus man eine gute Aussicht hat.

Nørgaard Fish and Smokehouse

Nørgaard Fisk and Røgeri at Vesthavnen in  Thorsminde offer both fresh, cold and hot smoked fish, and other homemade delights. With us you will alway...

Thorsminde Church

The church of Thorsminde is a former lifeboat shelter transformed into a church in 1939. The Altarpiece and pulpit are originally from Thyborøn Church...

Watch video from Thorsminde

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Dog Festival in Thorsminde 15 August 2020

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The Husby Klitplantage Route

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Nissum Fjord

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The North Sea

The North Sea - The foaming sea along the west coast of Denmark is a popular excursion spot both for couples and families. The great nature with wide horizons to the north and to the south offers long sand beaches. All year round a walk on the beach is a sure hit. A walk in the fresh ...


Visit the cozy market town close to the North Sea


Nørre Vosborg Manor and Skærum Mill Public University Center

Nørre Vosborg Manor

Nørre Vosborg is a unique manor house with a history of 700 years. With this quote, Hans Edward Nørregaard-Nielsen has pinpointed the special atmosphe...

Folkeuniversitetscentret Skærum Mølle

All over Skærum Mølle history is visible. The main building was built in 1865 by Councilor A.F.M. Tang, who owned Nørre Vosborg Manor. The farm buildi...

Græm Beach

Græm Strand is a naturist beach, a FKK beach. FKK stands for Freie Körper Culture - Free Body Culture. Here you can take a swim in the waves, even wit...


In Vedersø you are close to the dunes, the beach and great summer memories!

Sdr. Nissum

Sdr. Nissum - a small town with lots of West Jutland coziness

Experience, dine and stay close to the West Coast

Geopark West Jutland, Nissum Fjord Nature Park, the roaring North Sea, cozy holiday homes, idyllic inns delicious local produce and Strandingsmuseum S...