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The route

Photo: VisitHolstebro

The Husby Klitplantage Route - from fjord harbor, through forest and dunes to bathing lake. Explore the raw and untamed nature of West Jutland.

The hiking route in Husby Dune Plantation extends over 15 kilometers, and you can of course start your trip anywhere. However, the recommendation is to start at Helmklink Havn (Hagevej 205, 6990 Ulfborg). In the pleasant environment with small fjord boats, the locals fish in Nissum Fjord. Here is picnic house, playground and toilets as well as information about the area and the hiking route. From here you pass a fire pond to Spidsbjerg Strand and to Marens Maw, where the trip can be shortened to nine kilometers by going north.

At Spidsbjerg Strand you are met by information boards, toilets and the possibility of a detour to the North Sea.

The trip continues south through the dunes and trenches to a bunker of World War II. During the war, Adolf Hitler decided that the entire Atlantic coast from Norway to Spain should be fortified. Therefore, he started an extensive coastal defense with 8000 concrete structures, of which approx. 2000 were actual bunkers. The bunker in Husby Dune Plantation is one of these. It is tucked away, buried in the outermost dunes, where the wind has exposed the top of the bunker. The large concrete colossus is a testimony to the war right in the middle of the magnificent dune landscape on the West Coast. You can climb up the cold and raw piles, but be careful, because in some places, reinforcing iron is projecting from the underground concrete block.

From here, head south on Rocket Road, which is the old rescue route.

A path has been made via a vantage point and through the dunes down to a spot where you can catch a glimpse of the North Sea. From here the path goes east to Marens Maw. The place got its name when two local men stood looking at the mound, after which one exclaims: It looks like Marens Maw (belly)! She was a pregnant woman they knew. Here are information boards about the area below the stairs leading up to the top of the mound. Don't cheat yourself for the unique view of the entire area from the top!

From the hill you can see the south dunes, which migrate. At Græmvej there is an information board about Græm Klint, where you can make a detour more by going west. Otherwise you follow the route east to Skavemosen - in daily speech "Bathing Lake" where you can enjoy the view of the quiet lake in the middle of the forest and find information boards, tables and benches as well as toilets.

Further east you pass through a wooded area and the large migratory dunes continue into the landscape here. North of Husby Klitplantage you can stop at Fjand Gårdbutik, which is open most of the year.

The last part of the route goes through a cottage area and ends by going down the hill with the view of Nissum Fjord returning to Helmklink Harbor.

Attention! During the period from November 1 to April 1, the toilets on the route are closed.

Route map and video
On the Outdoor Guide website you will find a map of the route - the route is called "Husby Klitplantage Hiking Route".

The certification
The fact that the hiking route is certified as "Premiumweg" by the Deutsches Wanderinstitut means that the route meets the most stringent criteria for hiking routes in Europe. A total of 550 routes in 9 European countries are certified. Two of these are in Denmark (two more will be opened in the near future). The hiking route in Husby Klitplantage is the only one on the Danish west coast that has received the certification.

Read more on this German page.

About the project
The project aims to create a walking route that will attract both local tourists and walkers from afar and along the way disseminate knowledge about geo-sites in Geopark West Jutland and Nissum Fjord Nature Park.

The project is a collaboration between Nissum Fjord Nature Park, Holstebro Municipality, West Jutland Nature Agency and Geopark West Jutland. The route is part of the projects that are finally getting Geopark West Jutland approved as UNESCO Global Geopark. In addition, the hiking route helps to strengthen Holstebro Municipality's position as Denmark's best hiking destination.