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Sustainable holiday recollection that make a difference

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tourism in the municipality of Holstebro is breaking new ground to create green tourism with social responsibility and sustainability.

After each tourist season, all excess stock of tourist brochures is collected and sent for recycling. It has been like that for many years, but not anymore. The brochures are now being retrieved, with the awareness of managing the surplus stock in a responsible way. A worker distributes the brochures from the tourist office to the tourism operators throughout the municipality and once the season is over, all surplus stock of materials will be collected and kept.

"We save on paper and make the tourist information more and more digital, although we still have printed brochures for the tourists. The excess brochures are then reused in a sensible way. We wish to a good story about circular economy, sustainability, and social responsibility to our visitors. In short we transform trash into gold, "says Susanne Toftegaard Hansen, Business and Tourism Manager of Holstebro Municipality.

The municipality of Holstebro is making new steps and delivering innovative and sustainable gift boxes and mini bags to local shops and attractions in and around Holstebro during the early summer.

A good story to take home

The brochures are transformed into gift boxes and mini bags to reuse. This is done in collaboration with the municipality’s education program for the young and adults with special needs, at the education center Mariebjerg in Vemb. The production takes place in the classroom of the specially organized youth education (STU) in the education center in Vemb. The training center offers work-oriented activities for adult citizens who are late-developed or disabled, or who suffer from developmental and / or attachment disorders.

This way, the customers receive a gift wrapping to bring home with a good story about sustainability and social responsibility, which is what Holstebro Municipality wants to promote.

A total of 1000 gift boxes and bags will be produced for the tourist high season, where they will be available in shops that would like to brand the municipality in this innovative and socially responsible way.

German tourists love recycling

"Recycling and flea markets are a great hit, especially among German tourists. Every year, they request a list of nearby markets and second hand stores. Therefore, it goes without saying that we would like to provide the second hand stores with a souvenir in the shape of sustainable gift wrapping", says Susanne Toftegaard Hansen.

"Combining our great focus on green tourism and sustainability with social responsibility creates values for both people, nature and tourism. We are looking forward to seeing how gift boxes and bags will be received this summer both nationally and internationally”, she continues.


Susanne Toftegaard Hansen, Business and Tourism Manager of Holstebro Municipality, Tel. +45 96117081

Business and Tourism Department in Holstebro Municipality, Tel. +45 96117080

Søren Olesen, Chairman of the Business and Tourism Committee in Holstebro, Tel. +45 25339354

Sustainable holidays in Holstebro

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