Thorsminde Strand

On the trail of the good beach on the West Coast

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The seven fantastic beaches on the West Coast lure with endless horizons. Here are the beaches for everyone.

The seven fantastic beaches in Holstebro Municipality are made accessible

Along the Jutland West Coast in Holstebro Municipality, one beach replaces the other. Here you will find everything from an urban sandy beach, to a recreational beach with endless sand dunes, as far as the eye can see, to a nude bathing beach where tourists can swim without clothes.

In total there are seven fantastic beaches on the West Coast in Holstebro Municipality. There are seven different beaches, which Holstebro Municipality is working to make more visible and accessible to guests.

In 2017, nude-bathing beach at Græm was made more visible with a sign, and since then the beach has been visited by many bathing Danish and foreign tourists who want to swim without clothes. Græm Strand is the only beach on the West Coast that has the official nude bathing beach sign.

“This year we have launched a project that will draw attention to the many lovely beaches we have in the area. The beaches each have their own characteristics, charm and special experiences, and that we must convey to our guests. Here is both a beach for the family of children and the nature lover who would like a quiet day or evening on the beach. Our area stores many scenic gems that guests should be able to visit, ”says Susanne Toftegaard Hansen, Business and Tourism Manager in Holstebro Municipality.

The big initiative last year is a brand new lifeguard tower and lifeguards from TrygFonden, which complements the existing float rope between the breakwaters at Thorsminde Strand. The lifeguards will be on the beach daily from June 26 to August 19. Thorsminde Strand is characterized by being a beautiful urban sandy beach with Strandingsmuseum St. George as the nearest neighbor and short distance to shopping and eating places, serving delicacies and fresh fish from the North Sea.

A little further south you will find the two smaller beaches Bjerghuse Strand and Spidsbjerg Strand. Both beaches are surrounded by the beautiful dune landscapes of Husby Dune Plantation, and there is a forest playground one mile from the beach.

On the West Coast you will also find the recreational beaches Kjærgaard Strand and Gaffelbjerg Strand. The latter is called the secret beach and is mainly known by the locals, but it is accessible to all. Here is one of the best panoramic views of the coast.

In the middle of the forest's deep quiet tranquility you will also find Vester Husby Bathing Lake, which is called "Skavemosen" among the locals. The lake is a rare freshwater lake with crystal clear bathing water amidst the forest trees. Here are handicap-friendly conditions, toilet and tables and benches. Skavemosen is an ideal excursion destination for the family with children who want to bathe in shallow and calm water.

The project on the beaches is part of a joint effort under the Partnership for West Coast Tourism, in line with the execution of the Development Plan for the West Coast, work on the development of profile beaches along the Jutland west coast. A profile beach is a beach where there is considered potential for real tourism development through various tourism initiatives, facilities, dissemination, etc., which can help to profile the area's tourism values ​​and experience economic potential. In Holstebro Municipality, work will be done to develop Thorsminde Strand as the semi-urban beach.

Beaches and bathing lakes

Photo: VisitHolstebro