Handbjerg Marina

Handbjerg Marina - a gem in the Limfjord

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Handbjerg Marina equals plenty of fun for the whole family

Handbjerg Marina is located as an oasis in the Limfjord. Here you can rent kayaks or other equipment in the tackle bank and throw yourself into the fjord next to the kite surfers. On the beach you can enjoy hours of play on the water's edge, a good ice cream, or you can spend the night in shelter. You can also let the children romp on the playground or on the sensory path, where on bare feet they can feel the different substrates of natural materials such as stones, sand and shells.

Café Isbåden and Restaurant Pavilionen show up with delicious flavors: everything from the fjord in the form of seafood or coffee and ice cream.

Of course, you can take the waterfront to the marina in your own boat, or you can rent a boat and spend the night in it - and wake up to the gentle rocking of the waves!

Holiday at Limfjorden

Photo: VisitHolstebro

Gear Bank - Handbjerg Marina

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Stay on a boat in Handbjerg Marina

Wake up to wave ripples in Handbjerg Marina by the Limfjord. You can rent accommodation on a boat in the marina incl. cleaning and access to bathroom ...

Restaurant Pavillonen

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Café Isbåden

Café Isbåden at Handbjerg Marina by the Limfjord has a wide selection of ice cream: No less then 28 different kinds of ice cream scoops, 20 different ...