Surrounded by beautiful nature, you'll find an abundance of cultural offers in Holstebro Municipality. Holstebro is the West Coast's centre for culture and shopping.

Find your next cultural experience with one of the cultural paths "Gods and Myths" in Holstebro


Musikteatret in Holstebro and the smaller venues offer many good cultural experiences. At the newly restored manor Nørre Vosborg, culture will unfold right in front of your eyes with, amongst others, storyteller festivals, theatre and exhibitions. 


Nørre Vosborg also functions as a museum with the fine old manor rooms, and an exhibition in Nordladen

At Hjerl Hedes Frilandsmuseum, you can experience the old Danish village with workshops, bakery, stone age settlement, etc. During the summer peak season and during advent weekends, Hjerl Hedes Frilandsmuseum sizzles with activity. 

There are many exciting museums in Holstebro Municipality, including Holstebro Museum and Holstebro Art Museum, Jens Nielsen & Olivia Holm Møller Museet and the Stranding Museum St. George.

Sometimes there is even live art in the streets when world famous experimental theatre Odin Teatret performs in the streets of town. 


Guided tours

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The Culture Flourishes

You'll find an abundance of cultural offers in Holstebro Municipality.

Art and architecture, theatre, museums, concerts and much more. 

Woman On Cart

Since the 1960s, we have prioritised the cultural life highly. That is why art has a prominent place in the streets of Holstebro town - a venture that started with the purchase of the sculpture "Woman On Cart" (or just "Maren" amongst the locals), which today is the town's symbol. Since then, lots of art has been put up in the pedestrian streets and on the squares and places of town. 

Holstebro Tourist Office

At Holstebro Tourist Office, you can find a directory of the various works of art in Holstebro.