There is many things to experience in Holstebro and the surrounding rural areas


When you visit Holstebro, there are things that you just must see. We have made it easy for you, and made a list of the Must Sees in Holstebro, so that you quickly can experience the best that Holstebro has to offer. Our top attractions is your sight-seeing, the cool way. Museum visits, art wares, family activities, restaurant visits, and much more. 

Go On Outings

Get inspiration in the "Outings" activity calendar. It is full of fantastic opportunities for getting out into nature and seeing the beautiful nature areas that Holstebro Municipality has to offer.

A canoe trip down the big and winding Storå is an unforgettable experience.

The Limfjord countryside is Denmark's biggest treasury of good stories.

In the summer, you can also take part in a free guided tour of the art and architecture of the town.




There is almost 100 kilometer's worth of sailing on a stretch starting in Herning, going via thicket and moors, through Holstebro town to Nissum Fjord