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When you visit Holstebro, there are things that you just must see. We have made it easy for you, and made a list of the Must Sees in Holstebro, so that you quickly can experience the best that Holstebro has to offer. Our top attractions is your sight-seeing, the cool way.

Woman On Cart

Woman On Cart is the famous sculpture by Alberto Giacometti. Woman On Cart - colloquially ”Maren å æ Woun” - is situated in front of the old town hall from 10am to 9pm. She is an unofficial symbol of Holstebro, and was valued at above 100 mio. DKK in 2008.  

The Citizens Of Holstebro

From the top of the pedestrian street, the 12 Holstebro citizens look out over the square. Bjørn Nørgaard's The Citizens Of Holstebro is a paraphrase of the sculpture group "The Burghers Of Calais". The 12 figures are a contemporary version of the 12 disciples of Jesus, and they are a testament of our time to the future. 

The Chaos Temple 

Is best viewed in the evening. The sculpture surrounds the 50 meter tall sending mast at the TV-station TV Midt/Vest. The sculpture consists of a steel construction, resting on four 20 meter tall columns. Two laser beams are sent out from the monolith to a lense and mirror system, and further on to the grate and the top of the sending mast. The spectator will experience a constant creation of new shapes in movements around the mast. 

Holstebro Art Museum

Holstebro Art Museum is housed in the old luxury villa of the tobacco manufacturer Søren Færch. The museum exhibits Danish and International art and art wares, by for example Astrid Noack and Henry Heerup, as well as graphic art by Picasso, Giacometti and Matisse. 

Open air Museum Hjerl Hede 

During the season, there is plenty of hustle and bustle in the old village when around 100 voluntary children and adults dress up in period peasant clothes, and populate houses and workshops. Feel, watch, smell and taste, and get a feel of what life was like approximately 200 years ago, when Open Air Museum Hjerl Hede opens its doors. 

Strandingsmuseum St. George 

The two English British Navy ships St. George and Defence stranded and sank by the west coast of Jutland by Thorsminde on Christmas Eve 1811. Between 1300 and 1400 men perished in the wrecks. Only 17 survived. Strandingsmuseum St. George has come about in the light of the thousand of items that have been salvaged from the wreckage of HMS St. George.

Nørre Vosborg

Many prominent guests have visited the manor Nørre Vosborg throughout time. Hans Christian Andersen stayed there for 14 days in 1859, for example, and King Frederik VII and Countess Danner visited in 1861. Today, Nørre Vosborg is the setting for many cultural events, such as concerts, lectures and ballets. 


”Æ dueslaw” (the pigeon hole) is what Nørrelandskirken's distinctive belfry is called colloquially. The church is designed by Inger and Johannes Exner. It is a very sophisticated and beautiful church with a distinctive belfry with 47 bells and a beautiful jingling carrilon. 

Thorsminde Beach

At Thorsminde Beach, floating lines are set out in the North Sea every summer, creating a 'bathing pool'. A path for the disabled, parking spaces, toilets, restaurant, kiosk and chip shop - everything in close proximity to the beach. 

Stubber Monastery

The lake Stubbergård Sø became protected in 1980. A rich bird and wildlife, as well as the distinctive ruins of the monastery Stubber Kloster, make this natural resort a worthy excursion spot. 

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