In the Holstebro area, you'll find relevant nature experiences all year round. From the white sandy beaches of the North Sea to the soft hills of Limfjorden, nature is open to you. The beautiful and varied landscape spans many different nature types, such as sea and fjord, wood and moor, and the more special ones, such as salt marshes and swamps, fresh meadows and pastures.

Great nature experiences in the Holstebro area

Storå runs through Holstebro Municipality and is, like the smaller brooks and the lakes in the area, a great source of many good nature experiences.
The largest moor lake, Flyndersø, is a breath-taking sight, encircled by extensive heather acreage, oak scrubs and conifer plantations. 
At both Geddal Strandenge by Limfjorden and Nissum Fjord there is a rich and diverse bird life. Nissum Fjord is on the birds' migration route along the West Coast, and the fjord has been designated as a game reserve to protect the resting and breeding water birds. 

Experience the vast expanses and nature's incredible quietness in one of the many plantations of the municipality. They offer a diverse vegetation, with for example moors and woods, heather and broom, pine and fir, as well as beech and oak. Depending on season, you can find various flowers, berries and mushrooms. In several of the plantations, you will also find exciting and challenging wood playgrounds. Get inspiration in the "Outings" activity calendar. Here, you'll find lots of fantastic opportunities for getting out in nature and seeing the beautiful nature areas that Holstebro Municipality has to offer. 

Go for a ride on The Nature Bus where a nature guide takes you around and tells you about what you see.
Or bring the family for a canoe trip on

Here you can see a brochure about hiking treks.

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Free nature experiences

The many plantations and nature areas of the municipality are available for everyone to use, and many privately owned nature areas are also open to the public. You can get to know more about nature better by going on a tour with a nature guide